Experience Matters


Are you tired of candidates for elected office making promises they later don’t or can’t keep?  How do you feel about candidates that outline an agenda of their own before they serve a day in office? 


I have been asked about my platform several times since I announced my candidacy.  My response every time is that I don’t have a platform.  I am not going to make hollow promises or tell outright lies about what I am going to accomplish if elected to the Pocatello City Council this November.  My working career taught me a hard lesson:  Never make a promise you can’t keep and keep every promise you make.


The issues that are discussed and acted upon by the City Council this week or month may or may not be relevant during my term if I am elected.   My crystal ball hasn’t enough power to see the future issues clearly enough to map out a platform of action at this time.  What I will promise you is I will be prepared for every Council meeting and study session.  I will read all the material in advance, ask questions, think about the issues and seek advice if I am uncertain about an issue or it is out of my area of experience.  I will make decisions and vote for the benefit of the entire community, not one industry, neighborhood, or group.


Instead of making campaign promises or outlining a platform, I want you to know my concerns and personal philosophy.


1.  I am pro-business. I want Pocatello to take every possible action to help the growth of existing businesses and the encouragement of new business to settle in the Gate City.


2.  I am a Champion for Pocatello. Few things anger me as much as someone running down Pocatello or Southeast Idaho, especially when they are comparing it to another community.  I lived in several communities during the early years of my working career, and none of them were perfect, including Pocatello.  Instead of complaining about what isn’t, let’s work together to make what could be.


3.  I am a full-employment advocate. It is unrealistic to expect every new employer and every new job to pay a wage at the top of the scale.  A realistic goal is a mix of jobs that allows every citizen wanting to work to find a job that matches their skill set, experience and education.  Too often I hear complaints about an employer that ‘only’ pays a certain hourly rate.  To the person working at a lower rate, that new wage rate is an opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their family.


4.  I am a supporter of Idaho State University. ISU brings thousands of new students to Pocatello every year.  The University community of faculty, staff, and students has been a stable economic force in Pocatello for over 100 years.  They buy food, clothing, cars and fuel in Pocatello.  They buy and rent homes and apartments, recreate in our forests and mountains, and many of them become an integral part of our community.  I will do whatever I can as a member of the Pocatello City Council to help ISU grow.


I have lived in Pocatello for 40 years and can’t imagine a better life than the one I have had here.  Every day wasn’t perfect, but every week, every month, and every year has been better than the last.  The opportunity to serve as a member of the Pocatello City Council would be the icing on the cake.


Countdown to Election