Experience Matters


A number of people who don’t know me, or don’t know me well, have asked questions about my candidacy that indicate I should tell you a little more about me.


I moved to Pocatello in 1977 to facilitate the sale of a radio station.  I had been working for a radio station in Hutchinson, Kansas that also owned stations in Arkansas and New Mexico and wanted to expand.  That period was the real boom era for FM radio in many broadcast markets and the company was heavily invested in AM.  As advertising dollars shifted to FM, the company fell on hard times and ended up selling their stations and left me unemployed.


My degree from the University of Kansas is in Broadcast Journalism.  I am a radio newsman by training, but like many people in the rapidly changing world, found the industry phased most of those jobs out.  After looking for another broadcast job, I was offered a job selling cars in Pocatello and decided to take it to feed the family.  I found helping people find the car or truck of their dreams was a lot of fun and the job I took until I could find another broadcast job lasted nearly 22 years with three local dealerships.  


While I was working in the car business, I had an opportunity to join the Board of Directors of Idaho Central Credit Union, and after a year, became the Board Chairman.  I eventually went to work for ICCU, and learned a lot about financial institutions while working there, but decided that wasn’t the right place for me at the time.  I worked for KZBQ selling advertising for nearly five years and then joined the staff at ISU Credit Union, where I finished my working career earlier this year.   In those eleven years, ISU Credit Union experienced tremendous growth and I worked in Marketing, Human Resources, Business Development, and Indirect Lending. 


Since 1977, I have called Pocatello home.  I had a couple of opportunities to move to other communities, both in and out of Idaho, but the people, values, and opportunities have kept me here.  Even today, when I return to the little southwest Kansas town in which I was raised, I find myself yearning to come back to Idaho with my wife, Debra, and my daughter, Nicole.  When I drive across the Idaho/Wyoming border on Highway 30, I breathe a little easier, knowing I am only a couple of hours from my home.


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